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This is the writing journal for liangzhu!

I write in an ever-growing variety of fandoms, including, but not limited to J-rock, Johnny's Entertainment and various J-dramas, with occassional nostalgic returns to X-men comics. Now featuring: K-pop! orz

Credits: Current layout features Sungjong [Infinite] and lyrics from Fisher's "Never Say Never." Brushes are by rebel, sir, discolore and blackpatrol. Coding by street_of_mercy.

The profile banner features Aki from SID and Hiroto from alice nine., with lyrics from Something Corporate's "Me and the Moon." Brushes are by innocent_lexys and lookslikerain. Based on coding snagged from dammitliv.

Be prepared for stories that feature RPS, explicit sex, implied sex, violence, mindfuckery, swearing, booze, large amounts of crack(!humor), and the occasional giant squid. If any of those things squick you, don't read. If they don't, stick around. ;)

I do not own any of the people or characters I write about except for those marked as being original (i.e. for NaNoWriMo). All interpretations of How Real People Are are purely fictional and for the sake of entertainment or braineating.
Everything can be found by fandom/band via the tags list, as well as:

= Jrock Directory
= J-Pop/Crossover Directory
= K-Pop Directory
= Other Fanfiction
(includes dramas, movies, TV shows, and comics)
= Original Stuffs (pretty much just two unfinished NaNos)

Drabbles written in the last year and a half are not in the directory, so check the tags for those!

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